Arijit Gupta

Natural Language Processing | Computer Vision | Deep Learning


About Me

I'm a third year Electronics and Instrumentation undergrad at BITS Goa. I've been coding for a long time and nothing brings me more joy than writing a piece of code that works flawlessly. I'm a student developer and my fields of interest are Machine Learning and Artficial Intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

If I'm not doing a project then I love to listen to music, play video games and read books. I know how to play the drums and happen to be very good at it. I'm always up for a project, so if you are looking for somebody who is knowledgable in Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, Computer Vision or Deep Learning don't think twice about dropping me a message.


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Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad

Software Engineer Intern - -

Worked in the E+D group, specifically in the IC3 team as a front-end developer.

  • Migrated existing static website to a dynamic frontend and deployed it on Azure.
  • Integrated ReactJS pages to work with .NET MVC project and made migration of future pages easier.
c# javascript azure reactjs
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Tessellate Imaging

Machine Learning Intern - -

Was a part of the open source team of Tessellate Imaging's MonkAI, which is a low code deep learning tool and wrapper for computer vision.

  • Contributed in necessary documentation for the library to run on colab.
  • Helped in analysis and implementation of the hyperparameter analyser of the library by running experiments on a plant disease classification dataset.
python pytorch mxnet onnx
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Research Consultant - -

Built robust financial signals to detect arbitrage in international financial markets.